5 Reasons Your Child is Having a Tough Time


Wondering why your child is so difficult lately? Check out this list of five major causes of troubling behavior in your little one.

1. Secret sadness. Expressing grief is a skill that not all children have yet--so if a child is grieving, what you usually see on the outside is anger. A lot of it.

2. Worrisome birth or medical issue. A child with a difficult birth or other medical history requires our support in a way that another child might not.

Often these needs are invisible, showing up only as problems in focus or a hampered ability to show concern for others.

3. Marriage trouble. Hostility between you and your partner, addiction in a parent, or an impending separation?

Children absorb fear and express it in unpleasant behaviors.

4. Unavoidable Loss. Your own illness, loss of a family member, loss of functioning in a grandparent--there are life events that alter our emotional availability as a parent, no matter how much we love our children.

When these losses are back-to-back, or at a significant time in our child's development, our child can get off track.

5. Tragedy in the family tree. Scars from the past can seep into the present, and children can be impacted even when we try to protect them.

What do you think? Do any of these categories ring true for your child? Email me your thoughts at athena@athenabrewer.com, or schedule a free 15 minute phone consultation here.